2023-24 SV ASNT Board of Directors

  • Chair:  Mr. Rick Cahill
  • Vice Chair:  Dr. Parisa Shokouhi
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Ms. Jennifer Stairs
  • Directors:  Mr. Bruce Pellegrino, Dr. Thomas Hay, Mr. Brandon Miller
  • Immediate Past Chair:  Mr. Nicholas Shrawder
February 20th 2020 Meeting

February 20th 2020 Meeting

On February 20th the ASNT Susquehanna Valley Section held their first meeting of the 2020 year at the Ramada Conference Center in State College Pennsylvania. The meeting was attended by NDE Professionals from Atlanta, Virginia, Pittsburgh and those local to the section. The evening included two presentations on advanced NDE technologies.

Susquehanna Valley Chairman Nicholas E. Shrawder started the meeting with opening remarks welcoming everyone for attending. Announcements were made about futures events, the new ASNT Webinar series and recognizing the sections own Dr. Parisa Shokouhi for her amazing achievement of receiving a 2019 ASNT Fellowship Award.

Upon the conclusion of a catered dinner by the Ramada Conference Center Mr. Richard Woodward of DurrNDT delivered an update on the digital radiography process. Mr. Woodward presented on the benefits of digital radiograph and how much of the technology steamed from the medical industry. Some unique applications of the digital radiography process were shared along with discoveries in the development of this process. Mr. Woodward received many interesting questions from attendees before being presented with a plaque of appreciation by the chairman.

Mr. Jesse Groom’s presentation on how to fully utilize your phased array equipment concluded the evening. Mr. Groom’s presentation included some models to how phased array data is currently being viewed and what it could look like in the future with 3-dimensional imaging and optical encoding. Many videos were shared to illustrate the advantages of these progressive techniques and how to properly calibrate an optical encoder. Mr. Groom’s presentation caught the attention of many of those in attendance as the ultrasonic process continues to advance. Mr. Groom was presented with a plaque of appreciation by the chairman.

Proud Sponsors of the ASNT Susquehanna Valley Section

Proud Sponsors of the ASNT Susquehanna Valley Section

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