ASNT Strategic Plan


The ASNT Strategic Plan outlines our association's direction for 2022-2026, recognizing that plans quickly evolve due to changing environments, priorities, and lessons from implementation. After a year and a half, we are revising the plan, and introducing Objectives and Key Results (OKR) to enhance strategic management. OKR, a proven framework in the association community, empowers organizations to navigate their strategic agendas effectively. Our Board of Directors has adopted this approach. While the six pillars remain, we have refined their details for a clearer expression of our intentions. Progress has been substantial across nearly all objectives, described within each pillar.

Join us in turning our vision into reality, offering opportunities for engagement regardless of interests, skills, or location. Together, we can achieve our goals.



ASNT’s vision is to make nondestructive testing a highly respected professional field recognized globally for its role in creating a safer world.


ASNT’s mission is to advance the field of nondestructive testing.


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Enhance Certification Portfolio

  • Transition ACCP to the ASNT 9712 certification
  • Expand the ISQ program
  • Adjust revenue goals based on international pricing strategies
  • Revise targeted number of certified individuals based on global trends


  • ASNT 9712 replaces ACCP
  • Three of five planned ISQ exams launched

Group shot at the Annual Conference behind large "ASNT" letter display

Increase Membership Value

  • Develop professional development resources for current and new members
  • Promote AI and machine learning in nondestructive testing
  • Improve volunteer tracking and engagement
  • Grow membership


  • Volunteer Portal live
  • ASNT Leadership Academy established
  • Acquired NDT Classroom
  • Houston training and certification center launched
  • Content management system implemented

Two men test a metal plate together, the older of the two providing instruction.

Refine Career Pathways

  • Develop research about workforce issues
  • Support veterans transition into private industry jobs
  • Provide web content for parents, teachers, and students to learn about the field
  • Implement an apprenticeship program for Level II technicians


  • Roadmaps to Career Success created
  • Information kits developed for educators and students
  • NDT apprenticeship program proposal under review

Front of the US Capital building.


  • Connect with key government officials and agencies to educate them about NDT
  • Advocate for regulations supporting NDT adoption and certification requirements


  • The “Face of NDT” program launched
  • Inaugural NDT competition held at ASNT 2022
  • PR firm hired to assist in publication outreach
  • NDT subject matter experts receive media response training
  • Legislative affairs agenda developed to advocate for NDT 

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International Growth

  • Implement ISO 9712 program in two regions outside the US
  • Increase non-US revenue by 100% by FY26


  • ASNT India launched to support member interests in India and the southeast Asia region
  • ASNT India implements ASNT 9712 program

Pillar 6

Expand Research and Scholarship

  • Develop research for advancing NDT technology, methodology, and techniques
  • Endow scholarships for trade schools, undergraduates, research and faculty fellowships, and named faculty
  • Support research and scholarship funding through fundraising, grants, and sponsorships
  • Increase scholarship and research awards


  • ASNT Foundation established
  • ASNT endowment transferred