Vice President

Jason Riggs

Jason has been an ASNT member for 27 years and currently is a Lifetime Member. He lives with his wife, Hope, of 25 years and their youngest son on the Kenai Peninsula in Clam Gulch, Alaska.

Jason currently works at Marmon Rail as the Vice President of Technical Services. Along with his team, he provides group-level management and support for Marmon Rail and its subsidiaries of Union Tank Car Company, Procor Limited & Transco Railway Products Inc., as well as other Marmon Rail customers and suppliers. These responsibilities consist of NDT, welding/materials engineering, coatings engineering, special processes, regulatory and industry affairs, technology and innovation, administration of the corporate quality assurance program, quality engineering, supplier and subcontractor quality technical approval, and administration of the facility certification programs. Marmon Rail and its subsidiaries are part of Marmon Holdings, a Berkshire Hathaway Company. Marmon Holdings has average annual earnings of 10 billion and Berkshire Hathaway’s 2020 earnings were $245 billion.

Jason began his NDT career in 1992 as an entry-level quality control inspector/NDT technician at a pipe mill in Conroe, Texas. He immediately became highly enthusiastic about perusing an NDT career, which prompted him to enroll in and complete the NDT and Materials Science program at North Harris College. He obtained his first ASNT Level III certification in 1997, and now holds UT, MT, PT, and VT, as well as an AWS CWI and CWE. Obtaining ASNT Level III certification opened many doors for Jason, and he quickly moved into quality engineering and management positions in the railcar, petrochemical, and oil/gas Industries. He progressively moved through various levels of management while adding responsibilities. He has held a corporate-level position for nine years and is responsible for supporting several companies, which operate up to 140 railcar facilities in three countries. He has provided management of NDT programs of up to 4500 employee certifications with 1500 technicians.

Due to Jason’s passion for NDT, he has continued to practice hands-on skills and embrace new technology. During his career, he has obtained practical and theoretical experience in UT, RT, MT, PT, VT, ET, LT, IR, AE, and MW, including many advanced techniques. He has performed NDT procedure development and qualification, including probability of detection studies to establish reliability/sensitivity. He possesses extensive knowledge and experience with dimensional inspection, mechanical testing, welding, fabrication, coatings, heat treating, gage metrology and instrument calibration. Due to his technical background, he has led his organization’s innovation program and possesses a long track record of conceiving and implementation of technology or innovative solutions to improve product reliability, safety, efficiency and reduce overall risk and cost.

During Jason’s career, he has been responsible for business startups, served on due-diligence teams for potential acquisitions, held P&L responsibility, assisted with the startup of businesses and major facilities, participate in high-level corporate strategy, develop marketing and business plans, budget planning, establish performance metrics, performed risk-assessments, served as corporate representative for lawsuits, act as liaison between legal and operating businesses to lead investigations concerning litigation or regulatory enforcement, led high profile failure analysis investigations and management of numerous projects.

Jason has performed the role as Chief Compliance Officer for a group of industrial companies. He currently is extremely active in regulatory rule making by participation on numerous key regulatory and trade association committees. He personally interfaces with policy makers in industry trade associations, regulatory agencies, and the United States Congress. He has been very successful with influencing the outcome of rule-making by offering innovative solutions or strategically challenging it with sound data and building coalitions with parties of similar interest.