David Alleyne

Dr. David Alleyne is the CEO of Guided Ultrasonics Limited (GUL), a spin out company from the Mechanical Engineering department at Imperial College. He co-founded the company in 1999 with products that were based on his foundational research. Since 1999, he has driven the adoption of guided wave testing (GW) technology globally to the point where it is now a significant and growing part of the NDT and structural health monitoring (SHM) market. GUL exports most of its products and services. Under Alleyne’s leadership, GUL has been pivotal in the creation of the GW methodology and industry codes and standards, as well as all levels of associated engineering professional certifications, which has been crucial for market growth.

Dr. Alleyne completed a PhD at Imperial College, London, in 1991. His research was to gain understanding of how guided waves (Lamb wave) in plates could be used for NDT. After starting GUL with a colleague (Dr. Brian Pavlakovic), the two continued the development of innovative GW technologies using the torsional modes. Over the next 23 years, Alleyne lead and directed development and commercialization of transformational technologies for the global NDT industry. From 1999 till 2015, he was the operations director with responsibility for developing training schemes and material for the NDT industry based around a practitioner-based syllabus for Levels I, II, and III. Since 2015, Alleyne has led the company as CEO, devising strategies and business plans with the core objective to diversify the company’s technology base to include structural health monitoring (SHM) and invent new application directed tools for quantitative measurements (QSR). The new developments have also incorporated AI via machine learning tools to aid inspectors training and technical expertise uptake.

Dr. Alleyne is an acknowledged world leader in the industrial application of GW technology and has gained a wealth of invaluable experience from wide-ranging collaborations with universities and industrial partners. This has resulted in an outward facing approach that values talent with an emphasis placed on innovation via teamwork, respect, and customer service.

Dr. Alleyne also serves on the advisory committee of a major UK charity (IntoUniversity) that works to assist and support to young people through learning centers where they are inspired to achieve. Alleyne has also done committee work at ASNT and has been involved in many national and international code bodies, including ASTM, NACE, BSI, and ISO.

David Alleyne