Past Fellowship Award Recipients


  • New York University: "In Process Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation for Defect Detection in Additive Manufacturing"
    • Prof. Nikhil Gupta, PhD, Faculty
    • Youssef AbouelNour, Student
  • Georgia Southern University: “Resonance-Based NDE and Material Properties Correlation Quantification for NDE 4.0 Applications”
    • Dr. Hossein Taheri, Faculty
    • Nathan Widem, Student
  • Michigan State University: “In-Situ Curing Process Monitoring in Polymers Using Portable Ultrasound Sensor”
    • Dr. Mahmoodul Haq, Faculty
    • Shashank Sisodia, Student
  • University of Maryland: “Vibration Monitoring of Rotating Wind Turbine Blades Using Novel Image-based Tracking Continuous Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry”
    • Dr. Weidong Zhu, Faculty
    • Linfeng Lyu, Student
  • Pennsylvania State University: Improved Modeling of Ultrasonic Propagation for Non-Destructive Characterization of Complex Materials”
    • Prof. Christopher M. Kube, PhD, Faculty
    • Anubhav Roy, Student



  • Georgia Institute of Technology: "Computed Tomography-Based Structural Modeling for NDE of Additively Manufactured Lattices"
    • Dr. Christopher Saldana, Faculty
    • Elliott W. Jost, Graduate Student
  • Iowa State University: “Corrugated Sensing Skin for Continuous Monitoring of Welds.”
    • Simon Laflamme and Dr. David Eisenmann, Faculty
    • Han Liu, Graduate Student
  • Michigan State University: “Design of Metamaterial Lens for Enhancing Far Field Microwave Imaging Resolution.”
    • Dr. Lalita Udpa, Faculty
    • Srijan Datta, Graduate Student
  • Michigan State University: “Application of Guided Waves for Controlled Electromagnetic Targeted Heating of Continuous Bond Line.”
    • Dr. Yiming Deng and Dr. Mahmoodul Haq, Faculty
    • Rajendra Prasath Palanisamy, Graduate Student
  • New Mexico State University: “Developing bio-inspired tap-testing for inspection of wooden structures.”
    • Dr. Ehsan Dehghan-Niri, Faculty
    • Hamidreza Nemati, Graduate Student


  • Iowa State University: "Bayesian and data fusion approaches to improve real-time capabilities of in-situ NDE via a thermal imaging case study on a hybrid machine.”
    • Zhan Zhang and Hantang Qin, Faculty
    • Xiao Zhang, Graduate Student
  • New Mexico State University: "Evaluation of Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) cracks on railheads using nonlinear ultrasound in phase-space domain.”
    • Dr. Ehsan Dehghan-Niri, Faculty
    • Sina Zamen, Graduate Student
  • Southern Illinois University: "Ultrasonic Characteristics of Residual Stress in Additively Manufactured Components.”
    • Dr. Tsuchin Philip Chu, Faculty
    • Merrill Dennison, Graduate Student
  • University of Maryland: "Early prediction of fatigue failure and remaining useful life estimation of CFRP materials based on acoustic emission waveform information entropy.”
    • Mohammad Modarres, Faculty
    • Seyed Foad Karimian, Graduate Student
  • University of Pittsburgh: "An integrated NDT system to characterize rocks.”
    • Dr. Piervincenzo Rizzo and Dr. Andrew Bunger, Faculty
    • Yuhui Zeng, Graduate Student


  • Iowa State University: "A Hybrid Non-Destructive Evaluation Probe for Characterization of Oxidized Nuclear Fuel Cladding Alloys"
    • Nicola Bowler, Professor
    • Trishelle Copeland-Jones, Graduate Student
  • Pennsylvania State University: "Linear and Nonlinear Resonance Ultrasonic Spectroscopy for Real-time Process Control of Additively Manufactured Parts"
    • Parisa Shokouhi and Jacques Riviere, Professors
    • Prabhakaran Manogharan, Graduate Student
  • Southern Illinois University: "Critical Porosity Defect Analysis Using Various Modes of Ultrasonic Immersion Testing"
    • Dr. Tsuchin Philip Chu, Professor
    • Connor Seavers, Graduate Student
  • University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign: "Identification of internal damage mechanisms in metallic glasses via in-situ acoustic emission"
    • Robert Maass, Professor
    • Amlan Das, Graduate Student
  • University of Pittsburgh: "Nonlinear Solitary Waves for the Detection of Corrosion at any Temperature"
    • Piervincenzo Rizzo, Professor
    • Hoda Jalali, Graduate Student


  • University of Texas at Austin: “MEWR – A bio-inspired probabilistic framework for structural health monitoring of complex structures.”
    • Dr. Salvatore Salamone, Professor
    • Arvin Ebrahimkhanlou, Graduate Student
  • Portland State University: “Early-Detection of ASR deterioration in laboratory concrete specimens using full-waveform ultrasonic monitoring.”
    • Dr. Thomas Schumacher & Dr. Jason Ideker, Professors
    • Ali Hafiz, Graduate Student
  • Drexel University: “Identification of Water Pipe Material Based on Stress Wave Propagation.”
    • Dr. Kurt Sjoblom & Dr. Ivan Bartoli, Professors
    • Peyman Aminpour, Graduate Student
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: “Development of a comparison model between second harmonic generation and nonlinear resonant ultrasound spectroscopy to improve material characterization.”
    • Lawrence Jacobs, Professor
    • Katherine Marie Scott, Graduate Student
  • Iowa State University: “Surface Sensing-Based Technique for Nondestructive Evaluation and Prediction in Additive Manufacturing”
    • An Chen & Simon Laflamme, Professors
    • Jin Yan, Graduate Student


  • Brigham Young University: “Vertical Impedance Scanner for Non-destructive Concrete Bridge Deck Assessment without Direct Rebar Attachment.”
    • Dr. Brian Mazzeo, Professor
    • Jeffrey Barton, Graduate Student
  • Texas A&M University: “Ground Penetrating Radar as a Quality Assurance Tool in Hot-Mix Asphalt Road Construction.”
    • Dr. Dallas Little, Professor & Stephen Sebesta, Technical Advisor
    • Bryan Wilson, Graduate Student
  • Virginia Tech: “Seismic NDT for High-Frequency, in SITU Diagnosis of Civil Structures”
    • Dr. Pablo Tarazaga, Professor
    • Rodrigo Sarlo, Graduate Student
  • Michigan State University: ” A Hybrid Electromagnetic Imaging System (HEMIS) for rapid inspection of composites”
    • Dr. Lalita Udpa, Professor
    • Saptarshi Mukherjee, Graduate Student
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology: “Millimeter Wave Evaluation of Surface-Breaking Cracks in the Presence of Significant Surface Corrosion”
    • Dr. Reza Zoughi, Professor
    • John Gallion, Graduate Student


  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: “Nondestructive Evaluation/Characterization of High Temperature Hydrogen Attack in Carbon Steels.”
    • Henrique Reis, Professor
    • John Conway, Graduate Student
  • Pennsylvania State University “Robot-Delivered Laser Ultrasonics System for Inspection of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Harsh Environments”
    • Dr. Cliff Lissenden & Dr. Sungho Choi, Professors
    • Mostafa Hasanian, Graduate Student
  • Iowa State University: “Study of a Smart Concrete for Enhanced NDT of Large-Scale Structures”
    • Dr. Simon Laflamme & Dr. Kejin Wang, Professors
    • Irvin Pinto, Graduate Student
  • Michigan State University: “Hybrid Acousto-optic Health Monitoring of Structural Composites”
    • Dr. Mahmoodul Haq, Professor
    • Oleksii Karpenko, Graduate Student
  • Iowa State University: ”Wavefield Modeling and Propagation of Ultrasound for Additive Manufacturing Materials”
    • Timothy Bigelow & Dr. Leonard Bond, Professors
    • Hossein Taheri, Graduate Student


  • Northwestern University: “Nanoscale Nondestructive Metrology of Nanoelectrics using Picosecond Ultrasonic Near-Field Optical Microscopy”
    • Oluwaseyi Balogun, Professor
    • Xiang Chen, Graduate Student
  • Missouri University of Science & Technology: “Active Microwave Thermography for Nondestructive Evaluation of FRP-Rehabilitated Concrete Structures”
    • Kristen M. Donnell & Lesley H. Sneed, Professors
    • Ali Foudazi, Graduate Student
  • North Carolina State University: “Large-Area Electrical Resistance Tomography Based Sensing Skin for Reinforced Concrete Structures”
    • Mohammad Pour-Ghaz & Reza Rashetnia, Professors
  • North Carolina State University: “High-density Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing Networks for NDE of Composite Materials”
    • Kara Peters, Professor
    • William Stewart, Graduate Student
  • University of Pittsburgh
    • Dr. Piervincenzo Rizzo & Amir Nasrollahi, Professors


  • Drexel University: “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Infrastructure Evaluation”
    • Antonios Kontsos & Ivan Bartoli, Professors
    • Andrew Ellenberg, Graduate Student
  • Iowa State University of Science & Technology Center for NDE: “A Self-Adhesive Capacitive Sensor for Nuclear Power Plant Cables Monitoring”
    • Nicola Bowler, Professor
    • Weixing Sun, Graduate Student
  • Michigan State University: “Microwave Tomography Using Metamaterial-Inspired Reflect Array”
    • Prem Chahal, Professor
    • Amin Tayebi, Graduate Student
  • Missouri University of Science & Technology: “Evaluation of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Using Frequency Selective Surfaces”
    • Kristen M. Donnell & Edward Kinzel, Professors
    • Dustin Pieper, Graduate Student


  • Iowa State University: “High Intensity Probe for Magnetic Non-destructive Evaluation”
    • David Jiles & Ikenna Cajetan Nlebedim, Professors
    • Neelam Prabhu Gaunkar, Graduate Student
  • Michigan State University: “Structural Health Monitoring using THz Metamaterial Sensors”
    • Premjeet Chahal, Professor
    • Kyoung Park, Graduate Student
  • The Texas A&M University: “Condition Assessment of Bridge Post-Tensioning Using NDE Methonds”
    • Stefan Hurlebaus, Professor
    • Joshua White, Graduate Student


  • Georgia Institute of Technology: “Load‐enhanced Methods for Lamb Wave in situ NDE of Complex Components”
    • Jennifer Michaels, professor
    • Xin Chen, graduate student
  • Iowa State University: “Dielectrometry Sensors for NDE of Glass‐fiber Polymer‐matrix Composites”
    • Nicola Bowler, professor
    • Robert Sheldon, graduate student
  • University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign: “Nondestructive In‐place Condition Assessment of Concrete Rail Ties using Air‐coupled Ultrasound”
    • John Popovics, professor
    • Suyun Ham, graduate student
  • University of Texas at Austin: “Analysis and Development of a Focused Spark Source for Air‐coupled Ultrasonic NDT”
    • Jinying Zhu & Michael Haberman, professors
    • Yi‐Te Tsai, graduate student
  • West Virginia University: “In Vivo Nanosensors for Defect Identification using Flexible, Optically Transparent, Deformation Responsive Wrinkled Single‐walled Carbon Nanotube Meshes”
    • Daneesh Simien, professor
    • Pallavi Anipindi, graduate student


  • Georgia Institute of Technology: “Non‐Destructive Testing of Thermally Exposed Nickel‐Base Superalloys via Electrical Resistivity Testing and Neutron Scattering Experiments”
    • Rosario Gerhardt, professor
    • Ricky Whelchel, graduate student
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: “Remote Detection of Damage in FRP‐retrofitted Concrete Structures Using Acoustic‐Laser Vibrometry”
    • Oral Buyukozturk, professor
    • Justin Chen, graduate student
  • Michigan State University: “Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor Network Systems for Online Monitoring”
    • Lalita Udpa, professor
    • Gerges Dibs, graduate student
  • The Pennsylvania State University: “A Novel Ultrasonic Vibration Nondestructive Evaluation Technique”
    • Joseph Rose, professor
    • Cody Borigo, graduate student
  • University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign: “X‐Ray Tomographic and Ultrasonic Velocity and Attenuation Measurements of Wooden Blocks Exposed to Controlled Decay”
    • Henrique Reis, professor
    • Megan McGovern, graduate student


  • Case Western Reserve University: “Advanced NDT Technology for Preventing Freezing Damage of Early‐stage Concrete”
    • Xiong (Bill) Yu, professor
    • Chen‐Yuan Chung, graduate student
  • Michigan State University: “Time Reversal Microwave Studies for NDE of Composite Structures”
    • Lalita Udpa, professor
    • Charles Bardel, graduate student
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology: “Improving Efficiency of Microwave Imaging Systems Using Compressive Sensing Technology”
    • Yahong Rosa Zheng & Reza Zoughi, professors
    • Hamed Kajbaf, graduate student
  • Southern Illinois University, Carbondale: “Intelligent Nondestructive Evaluation Expert System for Aircraft Carbon/Carbon Composite Brakes Using Infrared Thermography and Air‐coupled Ultrasound”
    • Tsuchin Philip Chu, professor
    • Anish Poudel, graduate student
  • University of California, San Diego: “Stress Prediction through Nonlinear Ultrasonics in Waveguides”
    • Francesco Lanza di Scalea, professo
    • Robert Phillips, graduate student


  • Iowa State University: “Quantitative Capacitive NDE for Materials Characterization”
    • Nicola Bowler, professor
    • Tianming Chen, graduate student
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology: “Extension of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Synthetic Aperture and Holographic (3D) Imaging to Complex Composite Structures”
    • Reza Zoughi, professor
    • Mojtaba Fallahpour, graduate student
  • Pennsylvania State University: “Defect Characterization Potential in Buried Pipe with Ultrasonic Guided Waves”
    • Joseph L. Rose, professor
    • Jia Hua, graduate student
  • University of Pittsburgh: “Highly Nonlinear Solitary Waves for NDT of Civil Structures”
    • Piervincenzo Rizzo, professor
    • Xianglei Ni, graduate student
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: “Global/Local Distributed Strain/Temperature Measurements in Composite Materials”
    • John C. Duke, Jr., professor
    • Douglas A. Harold, graduate student


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: “Far‐Field Airborne Radar for the Condition Assessment of Critical Civil Infrastructures Pipeline”
    • Oral Buyukozturk, professor
    • Tzu-Yang Yu, graduate student
  • University of Missouri – Columbia: “Raman Spectroscopy for the Nondestructive Testing of Composite Materials”
    • Glenn A. Washer, professor
    • Frank D. Blum, Jr., graduate student
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: “Development of an NDE Tool for SHM of Advanced Fiber reinforced Composite Material Components”
    • John C. Duke, professor
    • Arnab Gupta, graduate student


  • Pennsylvania State University: “Improved Performance of Long‐Range Guided‐Wave Ultrasonic Inspection of Pipeline”
    • Joseph L. Rose, professor
    • Jason K. Van Velsor, graduate student
  • Stevens Institute of Technology: “Fabrication and Characterization of Nano AFCs as Acoustic Emission Sensor”
    • Yong Shi, professor
    • Shiyou Xu, graduate student
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County: “Vibration‐Based Structural Damage Detection with Application to Joint Damage Detection”
    • Weidong Zhu, professor
    • Kun He, graduate student


  • Iowa State University: “Air‐Coupled Ultrasonic Inspection of a Carbon Composite Wing Spur – An Industrial Application”
    • David K. Hsu, professor
    • Adam H. Kite, graduate student
  • University of California – San Diego: “Built‐in System for the Structural Health Monitoring of Adhesively‐ Bonded Components in Aerospace Structures”
    • Francesco Lanza di Scalea, professor
    • Ivan Bartoli, graduate student
  • University of Missouri – Rolla: “Combination of Chirped Microwave and Embedded Modulated Scatterer Techniques for Composite Inspection”
    • Reza Zoughi, professor
    • Kristen M. Muñoz, graduate student


  • Brigham Young University: “D‐fiber for Multidimensional Sensor Applications”
    • Richard H. Selfridge & Stephen M. Schultz, professors
    • Tyson Lee Lowder, graduate student
  • Colorado School of Mines: “Real‐Time Determination of Solid Fraction in Semi‐solid Metal Melts Using Ultrasound Techniques”
    • David L. Olson & Patricio F. Mendez, professors
    • Joshua E. Jackson, graduate student
  • Pennsylvania State University: “An Optimized Sensor Grid for Structural Health Monitoring of Modern Aircraft”
    • Joseph L. Rose, professor
    • Huidong Gao, graduate student


  • Colorado School of Mines: “Nondestructive Determination of Nitrogen and Thermally Induced Stress in Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldments Utilizing the Seebeck Effect”
    • David L. Olson, professor
    • Angelique N. Lasseigne, student
  • Michigan State University: “Application of Finite Element Modeling for Magnetooptic Imaging”
    • Lalita Udpa, professor
    • Xin Liu, student
  • University of Missouri – Rolla: “High Resolution Three Dimensional Microwave and Millimeter Wave Imaging”
    • Reza Zoughi, professor
    • Rajesh Koganti, student


  • Iowa State University: “A Novel Nondestructive Testing Approach for Evaluating the Integrity of Superconducting Layered Structures (Planar and Cylindrical Formations)”
    • Mani Mina, professor
    • Norm Anderson, graduate student
  • Pennsylvania State University: “Guided Wave Tuning for Enhanced Tomographic Imaging”
    • Joseph L. Rose, professor
    • Bian Hongxin, graduate student
  • University of Cincinnati: “Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Bridges: Development of Modal Test Calibrated Modeling and Rating Software Tools”
    • Arthur Helmicki and James Swanson, professors
    • Scott Kangas and Xiaoyi Wang, graduate students


  • University of California at San Diego: “Load Measurement and Health Monitoring in Cable Stays via Guided Wave Magnetostrictive Ultrasonics”
    • Francesco Lanza di Scalea, professor
    • Piervincenzo Rizzo, graduate student
  • University of Missouri at Rolla: “Microwave Evaluation of Cyclical Chloride Ingress in Mortar”
    • Reza Zoughi, professor
    • Kristen Muñoz, graduate student


  • University of Akron: “A Transmission Line Model (TLM) for Microwave Nondestructive Evaluation”
    • Nathan Ida, professor
    • Razvan Ciocan, graduate student
  • Johns Hopkins University: “Noncontact and Remote Methods for Railroad Track Inspection and Long Range Detection for Broken Rails”
    • Robert E. Green, Jr., professor
    • Shant Kenderian, graduate student
  • Dartmouth College: “Damage Localization in Smart Structures Using Vibration‐Based Nondestructive Evaluation Metrics”
    • Laura R. Ray, professor
    • Bong-Hwan Koh, graduate student


  • Pennsylvania State University: “Guided Wave Frequency and Phase Velocity Tuning for Remote Detection of Hidden Defects in Aircraft Structure”
    • Joseph Rose, professor
    • Thomas R. Hay, graduate student
  • Colorado State University: “Crack Dimensional Analysis and Modeling Optimization of Tight Crack Detection in Metals Using Coaxial Sensors at Microwave Frequencies”
    • Reza Zoughi, professor
    • Narisi Wang, graduate student
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: “Health Monitoring of an FRP Bridge Deck”
    • John C. Duke, professor
    • Marybeth Miceli, graduate student


  • State University of New York at Buffalo: “A Nondestructive Magnetic Testing Method for Assessment of Mechanical Properties and Materials Damage in Ferritic Steels”
    • Harsh Chopra and Robert Wetherhold, professors
    • Kevin Kankolenski and David Yang, graduate students
  • The Georgia Institute for Technology: “Nondestructive Measurement of Residual Stresses in Crystals by Automatic Near Infrared Photoelasticity”
    • Steven Danyluk, professor
    • Tieyu Zheng, graduate student
  • Johns Hopkins University: “High Resolution Laser Ultrasonic C‐scan of Protective Coatings”
    • James Spicer, professor
    • Christopher Richardson, graduate student


  • Colorado State University: “Microwave Analysis and Modeling of Surface Crack Detection in Metals Using Open‐ended Coaxial Lines”
    • Reza Zoughi, professor
    • Yong Wang, graduate student
  • Johns Hopkins University: “NDE of Ultra‐light Metals”
    • Robert E. Green, Jr., professor
    • Amy Waters, graduate student
  • University of Missouri–Columbia: “Measurement of Acoustic Fields within Materials and Inversion to Elastic Constraints and Attenuation”
    • Steven P. Neal, professor
    • Matthew L. Wicks, graduate student


  • Johns Hopkins University: “Microwave Dielectrometry of Plastics”
    • James W. Wagner, professor
    • Jennifer Schlegel, graduate student
  • Pennsylvania State University: “Corrosion Detection with Ultrasonic Guided Waves Using Comb Tranducers”
    • Joseph L. Rose, professor
    • Michael J. Quarry, graduate student
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: “Proposal for Acoustic Emission Technique for Machine Insulation Diagnosis”
    • J. Keith Nelson, professor
    • Hong Li, graduate student


  • Iowa State University: “Fatigue and Stress Corrosion Crack Modeling”
    • William Lord, professor
    • Gregory Kobidze, graduate student
  • Johns Hopkins University: “Determination and Monitoring of Through Hole Diameters in Printed Circuit Boards during Electrolytic Plating”
    • Robert E. Green, Jr., professor
    • Tobias P. Berndt, graduate student
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: “Development of Image Analysis Techniques for Assessment of Pavements and Infrastructure Components”
    • John C. Duke, Jr., professor
    • Michael Scott, graduate student


  • The Ohio State University: “Development of a New Ultrasonic Method for Residual Stress Determination in Anisotropic Materials”
    • Stanislav I. Rokhlin, professor
    • Andrey Degtyar, graduate student
  • The University of Virginia: “High Resolution Neutron Radioscopy and Computed Tomography”
    • Jack S. Brenzier, professor
    • Dudley A. Raine, III, graduate student
  • Colorado State University: “Ultra High Resolution Thickness Measurements of Slabs and Disbonds Using an Open‐Ended Waveguide”
    • Reza Zoughi, professor
    • Sheila D. Gray, graduate student


  • Clarkson University: “Nondestructive Temperature Measurement in Enclosures with Hidden Surfaces Using the Inverse Radiation Heat Transfer Method”
    • Eric F. Thacher, professor
    • Joseph C. Craparo, graduate student
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: “Nondestructive Measurement of Fatigue in Thin Metal Films”
    • Steven Danyluk, professor
    • Kasey Ghaffari, graduate student
  • Wayne State University: “Nondestructive Characterization of Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Polymer Composite Laminates by Use of Damping Measurements”
    • Ronald F. Gibson, professor
    • Hui Zhao, graduate student


  • Cornell University: “Detecting Voids in Post‐tensioned Concrete Structures Using the Impact Echo Method”
    • Mary Sansalone, professor
    • Barbara Jaeger, graduate student
  • Rutgers University: “Nondestructive Testing of Pavements by the Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves”
    • Nenad Gucunski and M.H. Maher, professors
    • Vahid Ganji, graduate student
  • Johns Hopkins University: “Nondestructive Testing of Defects in Thick Composites Containing Imbedded Sensors”
    • Robert E. Green, Jr., professor
    • Christopher Byrne, graduate student


  • University of Missouri–Columbia: “A Model‐Based Approach to Acoustic Noise Power Spectrum Estimation”
    • Steven P. Neal, professor
    • Mark D. Russell, graduate student


  • The Ohio State University: “Development of Stereoscopic Three‐Dimensional Computer‐aided Tomography”
    • Stanislav I. Rokhlin, professor
    • Michael Donahue, graduate student


  • Pennsylvania State University, Engineering Science and Mechanics Department: “Development of a System for In‐Process Characterization of Properties and Forming Characteristics of Copper Alloy Strip”
    • Clayton Ruud, professor
    • Krzystofer “Kris” Kozaczek, graduate student


  • Duke University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science: “Correlation Studies of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopic Measurements with Dielectric Loss and Dynamic Mechanical Loss Spectroscopic Measurements in Amorphous Polystyrene”
    • Phil Jones, professor
    • Kevin R. Lyn, graduate student


  • University of Alabama in Huntsville, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering: “A Fiber‐Optic Based Thermal Acousto‐optic System for Non‐contacting Nondestructive Evaluation”
    • John A. Gilbert, professor
    • Bruce R. Peters, graduate student


  • Oklahoma University, School of Aerospace: “Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering”
    • Davis M. Egle and Ronald A. Kline, professors
    • Chia-Pin Hsiao, graduate student


  • Drexel University, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Department: “Anomaly Identification in Composite Materials”
    • Joseph L. Rose, professor


  • Johns Hopkins University, Dept. of Material Science and Engineering: “Nondestructive Measurement of Crack Propagation during Fracture Mechanics Testing of Compact Tension in Metal Specimens”
    • Robert E. Green, Jr., professor
    • Sanford Buxbaum, graduate student


  • Colorado State University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering: “Residual and Active Leakage Field Modeling”
    • William Lord, professor
    • Scott Heath, graduate student


  • The Ohio State University, Dept. of Welding Engineering: “NDE Characterization of Weld Metal”
    • Laszlo Adler, professor
    • Shaio-Wen Wang, graduate student